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In 1965 a dhow containing a crew of six members mysteriously disappeared without a trace from its location just off the coast of southwestern India. Though foul play wasn't ruled out, it was suspected that the boat had gone down in one of several bad storms that had occurred around that time in that area. Nothing was seen of the dhow or its crew whatsoever until 6 months later when the boat and three of its crew members were discovered on a small uncharted island in the South Pacific roughly 9000 miles away from where they had last been seen. The other three persons have never been found. The dhow was found to be perfectly intact, and the three remaining crew members were found a mile inland from where the dhow was beached. They were disoriented, had a few small cuts and bruises, and somewhat dehydrated but basically in good physical condition. None of the three had any memory as to what happened six months previously, nor did they have any memory as to what had occurred in the interim. In fact, they had complete and total amnesia. Within the next month period, each of the rescued crew members began remembering bits and pieces of their lives, and with these memories, came fragments of memories of an extraterrestrial world. Under observation in three separate facilities in three different cities, they relayed details little by little that corroborated each of the others' stories of this so-called other world. On February 17th 1966, after almost exactly one month of being found and rescued, all three remaining crew members suddenly disappeared once again. Though they were all in different locations, they all disappeared at precisely the same time, and once again without a trace. The dhow which had been docked and unused for the preceding month long period apparently disappeared once again as well and at the same time as the remaining members. None of crew, nor the dhow, have ever been seen again.


released September 4, 2012

Music by Qualo Infinity



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Abquexa England, UK

Experimental, ambient, unclassifiable. Rota Frangitur label. More music on Rota Frangitur : Ocadium, Jumbo Pimp, Qualo Infinity, Karakasa Kozō, blow dart, Huso Fin, Cooper Raines, Aki Tchen, Nik Thursday, Opinion Poll, History, Hank Barnes, and Scotty Delowe. ... more

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